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Handle This
Handle This
20x16 inches

Rituals and Mourning Series (2020-)

The work is a scanned negative of a 3.25x4.25 polaroid image. These Polaroids are known as peel-apart film and require either a land camera or a large format camera for use. I use my 4x5 camera, which is a slow process that requires a tripod and special lenses to operate. This slowness also takes away from the perceived “immediacy” of instant film. The compositions are both precise and spontaneous; precise in their setup and focal metering approximation, but spontaneous in the moments of ritual that I choose to capture. Sometimes I insert myself as a figure, wearing a wig and heavy makeup, other times I appear only as a gloved hand. Beyond their role as part of the ritual altar, candles and flowers mark the passage of time as over a series of images see the candles melt away and the flowers wilt, bloom, then perish.