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an exercise in parting
an exercise in parting
16mm Color
3 minutes

an exercise in parting is a poetic examination of a go-go dancer walking home from work late at night attempts to resurrect her lost childhood on kiddie rides in front of a small store. Close-up images of the artist’s face collapse into abstraction as the pony ride breaks down. This film is part of the trilogy "Close, but no Cigar."

Assistant Director: Lucas Kane
Lighting: Michael Zumbrun
Music: Nava Dunkelman


Media City Film Festival, programmed by Oona Mosna, 2023

Prismatic Ground Festival, programmed by Inney Prakash, 2023

Touch Me on the Inside and Call Me By Name, solo exhibition curated by Sarah-Tai Black, PLATFORM Centre, 2023

This Country Makes it Hard to Fuck solo exhibition, Microscope Gallery, 2023

Celluloid Now Festival, programmed by The Chicago Film Society, 2023