• Janet Jackson's The Velvet Rope

    Buy a copy here 2020
    This book examines Janet's continuation of her quest for control as heard in her sixth album, The Velvet Rope. Engaging with the album, the promotion, the tour, and its accompanying music videos, this study unpacks how Janet uses Black cultural production as an emancipatory act of self-creation that allows her to reconcile with and, potentially, heal from trauma, pain, and feelings of alienation.

  • Rebellious Inventions: Abstraction in the Black Diaspora

    Buy a copy here 2020
    This book accompanies the exhibition Abstraction in the Black Diaspora at FALSE FLAG, on view from October 24 until December 20, 2020.

  • Screen Slate Contributions

    Landing page for film articles, reviews, and interviews for Screen Slate
    Latest entry: We Can Forget it For You Wholesale: Archives and Distribution in the Era of Digital Erasure 2023

  • Ecstatic Forms, Erotic Bodies

    Feminist Worldmaking and the Moving Image 2022
    Contributing essay on Barbara McCullough and Nalini Malani short films for the exhibition catalogue No Master Territories

  • Surveilling Bodies: Archives and Sex Work

    Pioneer Works: The Broadcast 2022
    Tourmaline’s film Salacia is a departure point for considering the interlocking forces of race, gender, and criminality in representations of sex work.

  • bell hooks's Heartbreak Church

    Brooklyn Rail 2022
    Black feminist film after the passing of bell hooks on December 15, 2021

  • Conjuring Caliban's Woman: Moving beyond Cinema's Memory of Man in Praise House (1991)

  • What Remains: Exit 15x at Snake Hill

  • Process as Ceremony: Basketball and Kool-Aid

  • From the Records of Loss: The Cities of the Dead Project

  • Janicza Bravo’s Zola

  • Revolution Televised: “Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation”

  • Pathe-ways in Time, Bodies, and Aesthetics: Onyeka Igwe's Specialised Technique

  • Begone with the Wind How Hollywood Rewrites Slavery

  • Sound Garden

    Artforum 2020
    Ayanna Dozier on Ja’Tovia Gary’s The Giverny Document (2019)

  • Fucking Whiteness: Orientations, Desire, and Race in Camille Billops's Docu-Fantasy The KKK Boutique Ain't Just Rednecks

  • Black Women and the Edit of Shame

  • No Happy Returns: Aesthetics, Labor, and Affect in Julie Dash’s Experimental Short Film, Four Women (1975)