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Maman Brigitte
Maman Brigitte
Super 8mm B&W and Color
3 minutes

Maman Brigitte stitches together the intimacy of a private manifestation Hoodoo vevue of Maman Brigitte (the barrier between the living and the dead) with the aurality of the body (spitting, running, vomiting, etc.). These “interior” corporeal practices are juxtaposed against sweeping landscapes to draw out film/ritual’s capacity to manifest.


Streaming on The Criterion Channel, part of Prismatic Ground Presents 2023, programmed by Inney Prakash

Alfreda's Cinema Presents: God is With You, programmed by Melissa Lyde, 2022

Waterproof at Rockaway Film Festival, programmed by Melissa Lyde, 2022

Prismatic Ground Festival, programmed by Inney Prakash, 2022

Flesh to Spirit: Materiality in Black Experimental Film, group screening curated by Michael Metzger, Block Museum, 2022

Subversive Records online screening, programmed by Emiko Inoue, 2022